Country NSW solar energy to power Sydney council from July

Bomen solar farm to power Sydney council beginning July 1, 2020


The switch is about to be flicked from 500km away.


The switch is about to be flicked on a project that will see up to 25 per cent of Sydney City's energy produced by a solar farm in Wagga Wagga.

As of July 1, Sydney's council-owned properties will be run entirely on renewable energy, sourcing power generated by the Bomen Solar Farm, along with another solar venture in Nowra and wind farms Glen Innes.

The plan has been in the pipeline for the past eight months after an energy retailer Flow Power purchased the Bomen supply from Spark Infrastructure.

Flow Power CEO Matthew van der Linden told The Daily Advertiser that already "more than 95 per cent" of the energy output from the Bomen Solar Project over the next five years will be used by the City of Sydney, and similar ventures around the state.

Additionally, Mr van der Linden said up to 82 per cent of Bomen's energy production over the next decade has been so far sold.

Up to 26 per cent of the farm's energy over the next 10 years has also been sold to Westpac to power the nationwide operations.

"The project represents a $188 million investment in construction and employment in the region, and the opportunity to establish Wagga as a hub for renewable energy in New South Wales," Mr van der Linden said.

The 250-hectare solar farm at Bomen has the capacity to output 120 megawatts or the equivalent to power up to 36,000 homes in Australia.

Energy from the Bomen farm will combine with Sydney City's combined output from more than 6607 solar panels across 42 of its council-owned properties.

When contacted by The Daily Advertiser, a spokesperson for the City of Sydney said it had always intended to source power from a much larger supplier rather than generate its supply locally.

"The City of Sydney is a large scale energy user with many amenities, a large central business district and densely populated residential areas, so it is not feasible for us to rely on our rooftop solar alone," the spokesperson said.