Future Focus Edition 3 | Delivering a Sustainable Future

Future Focus Edition 3 | Delivering a Sustainable Future


Balancing the environment with food, water and energy needs.


A message from Wendy Cohen, Chief Executive Officer for Farmers for Climate Action

With the right policy levers in place, regional Australia stands to benefit enormously from a transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy. And as I write, there are many promising signs that it will.

Our political conversations have shifted since the terrible fires last summer. Finally, the reality of climate change science is being recognised by most of our political leaders. Of course, meaningful action still needs to follow.

The farmers in our movement are an example of just what we stand to lose - and gain - as we stand at this crossroad. Rob Miller runs a dairy farm on the NSW South Coast. In the past few months alone he's experienced drought, fires and floods.

Rob's dealt with all of this, while at the same time launching the #showourcolours campaign calling for Australians to display the colour yellow to show their support for climate action.

Farmers like Rob stand to benefit from advances in renewable energy and from carbon farming, from Australia taking its place as a global superpower and leading the charge to drive down the emissions fuelling climate change.

For them, the alternative is constantly adapting to an increasingly difficult climate, to rising disease and pest risks, to communities being gradually eroded as rural economies.

This edition sets out clearly the many ways in which climate change challenges regional Australia, but it also sets out the opportunities, the paths forward as we look to a sustainable future.

Let's make sure we grasp those with both hands.

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